White snake on the loose in Manitoba neighborhood

Authorities in Manitoba are asking residents to keep an eye out for an estimated 8-foot white snake seen slithering through residential yards.

Breno Martins, who lives in the Fort Rouge area of Winnipeg, said he was mowing his lawn Saturday afternoon when he spotted the snake slithering in the grass alongside his house.

“When I saw it I literally freaked out,” Martins told CBC News. “I don’t know if it’s dangerous. I don’t know if it’s venomous. And I know that we have many pets and kids in the neighborhood.”

Martin and his neighbors attempted to keep an eye on the snake while waiting for Winnipeg Animal Services personnel to arrive, but the reptile disappeared into a neighbor’s bushes before they arrived.

Police said animal services was not able to locate the serpent and warned nearby residents to be aware of an 8-foot-long snake on the loose in the area.

Rob Vendramelli, a volunteer with the Manitoba Herpetocultural Society, said the snake in photos snapped by Martin appears to be a nonvenomous corn snake.

“They’re usually pretty comfortable with being handled, and not dangerous to people,” he said.

He said the animal is likely an escaped pet that got away from its owner.

“It was a nice day. Maybe someone had taken their snake out to the back yard to get some sun. Natural sunlight is beneficial to a lot of reptiles,” he said.

Animal services chief Leland Gordon said the search for the snake was ongoing Monday.

“We do have our team out. We’ve gone several times on Saturday, our officers went several times on Sunday, and our animal services officers are going to attend yet again today,” Gordon told Global News.