Indiana woman wakesurfs for 8 hours to more than triple Guinness record

An Indiana wakesurfer more than tripled a Guinness World Record by riding the wave behind a boat for 8 hours — and only had to quit because the record-keeping judge had to leave.

Lori Keeton of Lizton went out on Raccoon Lake in Rockville and rode the wake behind a boat for a total 8 hours, more than tripling the previous Guinness World Record for longest time spent surfing a wave by a female surfer, which stood at two hours and 18 minutes.

Keeton also more than doubled the male version of the record, which stands at three hours and 55 minutes.

Keeton said her attempt had to be ended at eight hours because the Guinness judge had to leave and would have had to call in a second judge to take over.

“There was hundreds of people along the banks lined up waving American flags and cheering me on, and it was just an incredible day for me, and I drew so much energy from all of the fans,” Keeton told WXIN-TV. “I was wearing an Apple watch, so I could see people were texting me and messages were coming in, I just didn’t want to stop!”

The record attempt raised money for Wake for Warriors, a nonprofit that teaches water sports to veterans and their families.